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Class action

Attorneys David Nix '82, Fred Streck '83 and Dwain Dent '73 get recognition for winning long legal battle for more than 300 families of infants.

Dwain Dent receives $110M Federal Court Judgment
"110 Million Dollar E-Ferol Settlement Gets Final Approval"

Dwain Dent's Mission
"The Fort Worth attorneys win a 25-year case to prove that vitamin E supplement E-Ferol was harmful to babies"

Dallas County District Attorney's Office files charges in death of Arlington teens.

"Bar owner is charged in deaths of two teens"

Judgment in Wrongful Death suit awards $1.5M to victims mother

"Wreck victim, 16 dies: Mother blames trio's accident on drinking"

Six Flags settles death [case] on "Roaring Rapids" for $4M

"Six Flags settles death on 'Roaring Rapids' - Fort Worth Star Telegram, 2002

Arlington Police Officer Killed in Training Accident

"Cushmans seek at least $7.5 million" Fort Worth Star Telegram, March 20, 2002

"Officers facing inquiry in death" Fort Worth Star Telegram, June 30, 2001

"Officers' guns loaded for training exercise" Dallas Morning News, June 20, 2001

"Arlington police to resume training" Fort Worth Star Telegram, June 18, 2001

Escort Motorcycle Rider Struck by Motorist

"Motorcycle rider escorting funeral struck by motorist" Fort Worth Star Telegram, April 19, 2001

Copter Crashes in Maui Killing Ft Worth Girls

"Blue Hawaiian pushed for tougher tour safety rules" Honolulu Advertiser, July 25, 2000

"Bodies of Blue Hawaiian helicopter crash victims recovered on Maui" Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 24,2000

" Two Fort Worth girls killed in 'copter crash" Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 22, 2000

Bicyclist Killed by 18 Wheeler

"Bicyclist Killed by 18 Wheeler" Fort Worth Star Telegram, June 13, 2000

TCU Football player paralyzed

"Former player sues over nursing care" Fort Worth Star Telegram, May 22, 1999

Teen Drowns in YMCA Pool

"Saved Boy's Father Says Pool Too Crowded" Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 29, 1997

"Teen found in YMCA pool dies" Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1997